Nitrate Free Bacon - Sugar Free - 1.0Kg (2 x 500g)

Nitrate Free Bacon - Sugar Free - 1.0Kg (2 x 500g)
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1.0 kg

After months of testing and research, we are very excited to launch a true Nitrate free, sugar free, premium artisan bacon to our range.

The first thing you will notice is it will not have the overly salty taste of Nitrate cured bacon, rather you will taste a delicate blend of pork, wine and salt, smoked perfectly resulting in mouth watering chemical free bacon.

Nitrate free bacon will often have a grey look, but our secret weapon is Organic Red Wine. The red wine gives this bacon the pink colour we're used to which also acts as a natural sweetener - genius! 

Soaked in salty water for two days with organic red wine, smoked for several hours then steamed for over five hours, truly delicious.

(Ingredients: Pork, Organic Wine, water, salt)