(On Special!) Borrowdale - Certified Free Range - Pork Belly (1.0-1.2 Kg)

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1.0 kg

Pork Belly has always been well known for bacon rashers but is rapidly becoming the most popular pork roast, twice-cooked pork belly is one of our favourites!! 

Borrowdale Certified Free Range Pork originates from a single owned Australian family farm from the fertile Darling Downs. The farm raises pigs in a stress free environment and is now a pioneer in free range production.

Borrowdale Free Range Pork adheres to the AQIP Free Range standard, ensuring water food and environmental welfare are maintained.

Low stress and animal husbandry produce a superior product which is all natural.

Pork belly pre-packed in easy 1.0-1.2KG portions

Discover Pork the way nature intended.