About Organic Meat Online


We are home grown Australian farmers and we represent and sell products from other like-minded farmers around Australia! Being from the land ourselves we realise how hard it is to deliver good, wholesome organic meat from the farmers paddock to your plate- and especially and surprisingly to regional areas across Australia. We were approached on countless occasions by other like-minded farmers who wanted “another way” to sell their meat and hence…Organic Meat Online was born! We have spent months attaining shipping and freight contracts that deliver Australia wide at a rate that wont break the bank (and still be on time!) and most importantly the meat is delivered fresh and cold to you!


Organic farming is all about working with nature and harnessing the power of nature. Sustainability and animal welfare is the key to organic farming which results in a product that is good for you and great for the environment. Organic Meat Online sources only from farms where animals are provided a quality lifestyle and diet which results in a sustainable and ecologically sound “circle of life”. So if the animals want to go for a run, frolic in the rain, have a mud bath or just wander around doing nothing they can – and so the term “free range” was coined. HOWEVER! - Be Careful… the term free range is overused and sometimes misleading. The term “free range” can legally be applied to an egg from a farm with tens of thousands of chooks per hectare or pigs that lived on grass for only 3 weeks before being moved into a cramped shed for the rest of their live So we bring you to another term “provenance”… from the French “provenir” meaning “to come from”, in other words where is it from? At Organic Meat Online we know where our meat comes from, we know the farms, we visit the farms, we meet the farmers we inspect the animals and the living conditions, so we can keep our promise to you the customer that the meat you are eating is everything it should be and more...


We have 2 different types of farms who we buy from… Certified Organic farms and Organic Principles farms... the following explains the difference...


These farms take a minimum of 3 years to attain certification from the relevant bodies responsible for providing this… It is a long process requiring many inspections, tests, soil samples and surprise visits by inspectors...



These farms are quite often smaller producers who simply do not have the financial capacity nor the number of animals to justify the expense of full certification… however these farmers still practice the same techniques of organic farming...




Our farm's cattle are all grass-fed. Full stop! Apart from being healthier, pasture-fed beef tastes better! Our farm's cattle are treated with kindness and respect. Did you know they are social animals? They like to run together as a herd, the older cows...



Wherever possible we source Certified Free Range Pork which is known as a premium product. Raised in a stress free environment, with the freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud, our free range pork has taken on the superior flavour and tenderness of pork from a bygone era