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Kobe Wagyu - Eye Fillet Marble Score 7 Export (2 x 200g)

$69.00 $78.00
0.41 kg

We've done it again, we have managed to get hold of a very limited supply of this amazing steak! MARBLE SCORE 7 EYE FILLET!



Kobe is produced especially for VIP beef lovers around the world that desire to consume highly marbled, authentic Wagyu beef, with the reassurance that it has been selected & prepared with care, in Australia, by Australia’s number one Wagyu beef producer.

Kobe is the latest release in Wagyu brands from AAco. It is "luxury beef achieved from the mastery of pure Wagyu breeding and long grain feeding".  Being produced from only the elite purebred Wagyu with the highest marbling, supplies are not available outside of a small list of loyal and invited users.

What an exclusive club?  You can ask the Y-Grill in Jakarta, Indonesia or the Rhine Garden in Hong Kong or Moo Moo Restaurant at the Gold Coast of Queensland to find out the joys of being an invited user.

In the same way only sparkling wine out of the French region Champagne can be referred to as “champagne”, only Wagyu beef born into the Japanese prefecture of Hyōgo can be called “Kobe Beef”.


Kobe beef is from Wagyu cattle, “Wa” being Japanese for “Japan” and “gyu” meaning “cow”.

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