Facebook Page

The exceptional response we received on our Facebook page comes down to one thing; and that is you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your comments and everyone sharing and liking our page. The more people buying our meat the lower we can get the prices.

We were admiring the other day as a team how strongly loyal you guys are. If someone started bullying or posted a negative comment the quickness and manner in which you responded as a whole is simply outstanding... We value good clean living without negativity and to see your responses and all your positive comments to a few trolls that just can't help living a life of 'a glass half empty' rather than 'half full' shows real character so thank you.

With so many requests on our page and so many questions about delivery we have tried to accommodate as many people as we can. This took us away from communicating our efforts on our page but again, you stuck with us and for that we couldn't be happier!



Easter & Anzac Day 2019 Deliveries

We don't want you to miss out on getting your Easter orders so please be aware that the last orders...


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Christmas 2018 Deliveries

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