Delivery to rural areas

During the Facebook campaign oMo asked for postcodes of people wanting organic meat delivered so we set about finding freight companies that would deliver our products to remote locations (as well as urban cities) at the cheapest possible rate but , more importantly, on time whilst still keeping the meat fresh and ice cold!

So after months of meetings and conference calls and negotiating we have teamed up with TNT Transport to deliver our prized organic meat.

Very excited to be with one of the leaders in the industry and such a trusted name to boot...  Trials were set up and it went off without a hitch. TNT picked up our organic meat and delivered it to chosen recipients across Australia and they all spoke highly of our drivers and all noted how fresh and cold the meat was.

The list of places we CAN deliver to FAR OUTWEIGHS the places we CANT deliver to... we are specialists in remote areas- pop us an email if you are unsure... rural meat delivery is our business...

Happy ordering

oMo- Always Grass Fed



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