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Nitrate Free Bacon and Ham

Over the last twelve months or so much has been written in the press and online about the use of Nitrates in small goods, especially our much loved ham and bacon products.

Nitrates occur in nature naturally in things like spinach and broccoli and are also widely used in the manufacture of small goods products like Ham and Bacon.

The use of Sodium Nitrite in the process of curing meat instantly stops harmful bacteria growing during and after the production process to ensure safe eating of cooked small goods.

Sodium Nitrite once exposed to the atmosphere instantly turns to Sodium Nitrate a form of salt, the same product found in nature.

You can tell easily if Ham or Bacon has been been cured with Sodium Nitrate as it will give it a rosy pink colour. 

Advantages of using Sodium Nitrite in the process is it's a quick and safe method to cure small goods. 

Traditional artisan methods of curing small goods involve using common salt rather than nitrates to cure and preserve. Salt slowly draws moisture and cures the meat proteins, preventing growth of bacteria which can occur as they are steamed and smoked after the curing process.

Curing small goods using the salt curing method means curing product over several days or weeks. In the commercial world salt curing unfortunately means time and money.

Time enamored artisan production skills like traditional salt curing are slowly being lost while producers want to manufacture product as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The result is most small goods producers will use Nitrates as their preferred method of curing.

Meat cured with Nitrates often give products an overly salty, slightly chemical taste, overpowering the taste of the actual product itself, also many people report having mild allergies to Nitrate cured meats.

 Did you know?

"more than 70% of Australia's processed pork products (ham, bacon and smallgoods) have been produced from cheap, subsidised imported pork," Andrew Spencer  - CEO, Australian Pork Ltd

When it comes to quality small goods, we take great care that our artisan team of professionals use locally sourced Australian Pork and produce in small batches each week to ensure the best tasting freshest product possible.

We carry both Nitrate cured and Nitrate Free Bacon and Ham products., please browse our range as we are constantly perfecting and adding new products each month.

 The -oMo- Team





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